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What issues can you help me with?

My skills and experience are in treating a whole range of anxiety problems and depression. You don’t need a name or a label for CBT to be helpful for you. It’s all about increasing your understanding of yourself and what you are thinking feeling and doing that may be part of the problem – not a diagnosis.

Having said that, CBT is the therapy with the most evidence for the treatment of a range of anxiety problems and is one of the most effective treatments for depression, although it is important to say there are other therapies for depression. NICE (National Institute for Care and Clinical Excellence) publish guidelines for the best treatment for most health conditions including for mental health problems. www.nice.org.uk You can look at the document corresponding to your problem to find out the recommended ‘best practise’

I work with adults only - 18+. I do not offer couples therapy but sometimes the success of CBT is enhanced by involving someone close to you in a session or two to help them understand how to best support your therapy journey.